Here, are gathered some texts or articles present elsewhere on the site and translated in English or some originals reprinted with the agreement of the authors.

Vincent GUILLOT (2005):
November 8 is Intersex Solidarity Day.
Le site de l'OII.

Maud-Yeuse THOMAS (2005):
Society and Third-sex Socialisation.
In the West, the organisation of the social sexes is characterised by the existence of two social sexes, supposedly dictated by an essentialist equivalence between biology, identities and the organisation of society.

Jan TRACY (2005):
Methuen school faces parents' queries on student's gender issue: officials back girl who seeks treatment as boy.
The Methuen School in Boston promotes the integration of a student who becomes a boy and informs parents about gender issues. On the site of the Boston Globe, March 5, 2005.

HBIGDA, Gent, 2003:
When “shrinks” are frightened by transsexuals...
Text shown on a “poster” (among others) at the 18th symposium of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, 10-13 september 2003. French version: Quand les “psys” sont effrayés par les transsexuels...

Download english version: hbigda2003uk.pdf, (49 ko).
Download french version: hbigda2003fr.pdf, (48 ko).

Sally LEHRMAN, (1999):
The biology of sex has become a controversial issue as parents, doctors and researchers re-evaluate the meaning of being male or female. Today, genital mutilation is considered a crime and condemned as such by the courts. Yet they are still practiced on intersex babies for political reasons: there are only 2 sexes! and compulsory assignment to one of these 2 categories (male or female). The free disposal of one's body and, if necessary, the choice of sex should be part of human rights. Article published in English on the Salon website.

Press For Change, Oxford, 1998:
Medical and legal malfunctions surrounding the transsexual question in France.
Text showed at the third international congress on “Sex and gender”, TrAnsGENDER AGENDA, Exeter College, Oxford University, september 1998. On the PFC website.
Version fançaise: Disfonctionnements médicaux et juridiques autour de la question transsexuelle en France.

Download english version: oxford1998uk.pdf, (44 ko).
Download french version: oxford1998fr.pdf, (45 ko).

John COLAPINTO (1997):
The True Story of John/Joan.
On the Press For Change website. Article published in Rolling Stone magazine No. 775 of 11 December 1997, pp. 54-96. The true story of John/Joan (David REIMER or John THIESSEN), the princept case which founds John MONEY's theory. It is also this case which shows that this theory is false.

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